• Javier Moubayyed

    Javier Moubayyed

  • Joyce Guo

    Joyce Guo

  • Purva Wagh

    Purva Wagh

    Design Student | History and Heritage Enthusiast |

  • David Owasi

    David Owasi

    I Use Empathy To Help Service-based Businesses Triple Their Net In Less than 12Months Without Additional Marketing Spend

  • Brit Kern

    Brit Kern

    Electric Theater • Notes on Design

  • Igor Kurylak

    Igor Kurylak

    I'm a graphic designer interested in illustrations and webdesign. Love motorcycles, electronic music and recently rock climbing.

  • John Nicholson

    John Nicholson

    User Research & Innovation | Principal @ Marketade (https://marketade.com/)

  • Obay Tarabichi

    Obay Tarabichi

    Strategist at frog Love to learn how to live better and really feel the good things of life

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